Profs Who Fly
Carbon Offsetting to help repair the damage caused by your travel emissions

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Offsetting your impacts and repairing the damage you cause by promoting sustainable development in the poorest countries.

What does offsetting entail?

Do you want to help repair the damage you cause through your traveling to conferences and in the course of your research?

Calculating the emissions that result from your travel (air):

Make periodic payments based on travel emissions based on:

Payments will be made to ‘Profs Who Fly’ account of Themba Trust Themba will then reconcile payments (to NMT/HIMACUL) with certificate issuance and retirement to ensure transparency and equity.

Malawi - a devegetated landscape

We would like to acknowledge the work of Nicole Kalas in helping establish the underpinning research and development efforts needed to get this activity to fly. Whilst many others have been involved and are worthy of mention, without Nicole's thoughtful and intelligent support none of this would have been possible. Thanks are also due Will Brandreth (Environmental Technology MSc Alumni (2015), Imperial College London), Alan Goron (Sustainable Energy Futures MSc (2016), Imperial College London), Andrew Emmott (Chair, Neno Macadamia Trust) and Ken Mkengala (HIMACUL, Malawi)