Calculating your travel emissions

Aviation emissions - share of the 1.5 deg C carbon budget; Carbon Brief (2016)
Aviation emissions- share of the 1.5 deg C carbon budget; Carbon Brief (2016)

Offsetting to promote sustainable development

How do you know what your travel emissions are?

Use the online calculator below to calculate the emissions for each of your flights or download the excel spreadsheet to record and calculate emissions for all your flights

Every time you fly you cause the emission of harmful greenhouse gases

A return flight from London to Rome results in the emissions of nearly 400 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2). In Malawi, we calculate (by careful measurements and monitoring) that on average, each healthy macadamia tree captures the equivalent of 20 kg CO2 every year. Therefore, to offset the emissions from my return flight to Rome I would need to support the growth of 20 macadamia trees. I can do this through Profs Who Fly by paying macadamia-producing small-holder agroforestry farmers in Malawi for providing me with certificates showing their trees have captured this much CO2 through the purchase of the NMT/HIMACUL certificates.

Trees capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when they grow