Profs Who Fly

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Offsetting your impacts and repairing the damage you cause by promoting sustainable development in the poorest countries.

About Profs Who Fly

Profs Who Fly has been set up to help establish a new type of carbon and ecosystem service offsetting that connects the offset purchaser with the seller of the service so that the benefits that result from the purchase of the offsets can be seen directly by both parties and connections can be made.

PWF is the result of a collaboration between:

Themba Trust (UK):

There Must Be An Alternative (THEMBA) - a UK Charity

The Neno Macadamia Trust - Malawi:

NMT logo
The Neno Macadamia Trust - Malawi (NMT- Malawi)

The (Malawi) Highland Macadamia Cooperative Union Ltd. (HIMACUL)